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Bubblehead Barista

Bubblehead Barista

As a serving member of the Royal Navy Mine Clearance diving branch, I know what it means to have good coffee – it makes the best days brilliant and the bad days bearable. But getting good coffee at sea proved difficult, which is why I set up Bubblehead Barista, Bubblehead because that’s what they call us divers in the Navy, and Barista because I wanted to supply my boats with the good stuff. But then someone told someone, someone else told someone else, and somehow I’ve gone from selling a few imported kilos in the mess to sourcing my own green beans and roasting them in Hampshire when I’m back ashore.

Today Bubblehead supplies wholesalers as well as home brewers with beans, ground coffee, AeroPresses, hand grinders or just free advice – I love to talk coffee, so feel free to email me any time! I also got quite good at making the stuff – we’re all about process in the Navy so I guess that’s why – and Bubblehead now operates as a coffee pop-up at markets around the south of England. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a pitch on an aircraft carrier one day, but until then I’m happy to deliver coffee to wherever you are, from oilrigs to your Saturday-morning doormat. And if you see me at a market and tell me you’ve read this (code word: Dustin) I’ll give you a free coffee. Mainly because if you’re reading this, you probably love coffee every bit as much as I do, so you deserve one.For each carton of coffee sold a donation will be made to the Royal Navy Clearance Divers Association (RNCDA). Stay safe, stay healthy and stay in good coffee.

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